Girls In Love

Girls In Love

Meet Ellie and her best friends Nadine and Magda, three teenage girls just starting Year Nine with a lot on their minds - mainly boys! Told in the bright, sparky and totally realistic voice of Ellie, Girls in Love is a funny, frank and revealing look at their friendships, problems and heartaches that older fans of bestselling author Jacqueline Wilson will adore.

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5 Stars

girls can do anything boys can do

By Stormy Angel Cupcake on:

I so badly want it!

5 Stars

It sounds great! I am 10 and I am reading all about these girl pressures! Go Girls!

By Rose Party Art on:

soooo good

5 Stars

i would recommend this book. maybe not the best book for younger readers but for 11 plus you should read it. i read this book when i was 11 and loved every bit. the moment you turn 11 read this book

By Electric Angel Treasure on:

haven't read it

5 Stars

I haven't the book yet but i'd love to read it I'v read what it's about and it sounds good

By Emily Balloon Emerald on:

So romantic

5 Stars

I love this book and everyone has a happy ending in the end some bits sound wrong but it is nice especially Ellie and Dan

By Delilah Moonlight Pebble on:

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