When Rebecca wades into the witch's pond after a row with her best friend Sarah, she meets a very unusual new friend – a huge, warty toad! And Glubbslyme is no ordinary toad. Hundreds of years old, he can talk and – best of all – he can work magic. Maybe, just maybe, he can help Rebecca be best friends with Sarah again . . . ? A magical story with an introduction from Jacqueline.

3.91 Stars

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4 Stars

I really liked this book would deffo recommend

By Rhiannon Rabbit Moonlight on:


5 Stars

A funny amazing story by jacky, fantastic!

By Zippy Glitter Writer on:


4 Stars

This book was amazing... READ IT! I know that it is not a main book, BUT it is really good!!

By Rose Balloon Kiwi on:

Star rating only.

3 Stars

I liked it! I thought it was good

By Sapphire Cynthia Tulips on:

Star rating only.

5 Stars

No review supplied.

By Lavender Kaleidoscope Buttercup on:

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