Jacky Daydream

Jacky Daydream

Lots of Jacqueline Wilson's characters are well-known and well-loved by thousands of readers: Hetty Feather, Ruby and Garnet, Pearl and Jodie, Elsa, Lily and, of course, the brilliant Tracy Beaker! But how much do you know about Jacqueline herself?

Jacqueline takes a look back at her own childhood and teenage years in this captivating story of friendships, loneliness, books, family life and much more. She explores her past with the same warmth and lightness of touch that make her novels so special. Best of all, she reveals how she was always determined to be a writer; from the very first story she wrote, it was clear that this little girl had a very vivid imagination! But who would've guessed that she would grow up to be the mega-bestselling, award-winning Jacqueline Wilson?

4.64 Stars

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5 Stars

I can't wait to read it!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Jade Harmony Meadowlark on:

one word to sum it up

5 Stars


By Rhiannon Rabbit Moonlight on:

Star rating only.

5 Stars

My friend read this and have me an idea of what it's about so want to read it

By Mabel Crystal Jelly on:

My favourite book ever

5 Stars

I love it. I love story writing and have lots of invisible friends.Jacky Daydream is the best book ever.

By Rose Harmony Hawk on:

omg love

5 Stars

in my class we have been reading this book and it is amazing .

By Lady Cherry Horse on:

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