Sylvie and Carl have been friends since they were tiny children. They've always played together, called each other boyfriend and girlfriend and, deep down, Sylvie has always believed that they'd end up married to each other. They even have a a magical fantasy world that belongs to them alone.

But as they become older, things are starting to change. Sylvie would still rather spend all her time with Carl - but Carl has a new friend, Paul, who is taking all his attention. Now, Carl seems much less happy to be called Sylvie's boyfriend - and in a game of spin the bottle, he avoids having to kiss her. Sylvie can tell his feelings have changed and that their future together might not be so clear-cut after all. But can she guess at the true reasons behind it all?

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5 Stars

If your into love and 10 plus then this is the book for you. Drama, Love,thrilling.

By Mandy Crystal Christmas on:

Quite good

4 Stars

I enjoyed it but i just think it's not her beata nd she can do better!

By Queen Breezy Girl on:

Ok... I gess

3 Stars

I think that this book is good. Only read if you are ten plus because it has content younger people don't know about.

By Ziggy Circus Shoes on:


5 Stars

I loved this book so much .My fave character is probably Miranda . i would definitely recommend this book.

By Serenity Strawberry Biscuits on:

Star rating only.

5 Stars

Awesome Book

By Aubrey Sparkling Midnight on:

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