Little Darlings

Little Darlings

Sunset lives a life of luxury with her beautiful ex-model mum, her world-famous rock star dad and her two little celebrity siblings. But life on the red carpet is no compensation for parents who constantly argue, intensive scrutiny from the media, and and having no real friends.

Destiny, on the other hand, is an only child living on a rundown estate with a sickly but devoted mum who constantly tells her that she's really the daughter of a famous rock star . ..

When the two girls meet in unlikely circumstances, they are surprised to find in each other something they've been missing all their lives . . .

4.77 Stars

1379 Reviews

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The best book ever

5 Stars

I've just finished this book but I got really into it and I read it where ever I went

By Cherry Balloon Nightingale on:


5 Stars

Lovely , sad , happy

By April Angel Perfume on:

sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool

4 Stars

i loved it, it teaches you a very important lesson

By Lady Tiger Mist on:


5 Stars

I read this ages ago but still have it in my mind.It teaches you a very important life lesson, friendship.

By Sunset Crystal Gemstone on:


5 Stars

I love this so much. Teaches lots of amazing things.

By Mandy Crystal Christmas on:

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