Best Friends

Best Friends

Gemma and Alice were born on the same day and have been devoted best friends ever since. Despite Gemma's larger-than-life personality and Alice's quieter, calmer character, the two are inseparable - until Alice has to move house, all the way to Scotland.

Gemma is utterly distraught, particularly at the thought that Alice might find a new best friend. Is there anything Gem's brothers, or perhaps her grandad, can do to help?

4.69 Stars

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soo good

5 Stars

when I got this book I thought it might be boring but it was amazing. You people who like Jaqueline Wilson should read this its my favourite book written by Jaqueline Wilson. too bad I cant read it ag … [ Continue reading ]

By Abi Sparkle Mist on:

love best friends .

5 Stars

best friends is great . my BEST friend moved all the way to Lincolnshire but any way the book SO GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! princess Cynthia lolly

By Princess Cynthia Lolly on:

Star rating only.

5 Stars

i love this book so much and feel so sad for Gemma . If my best freind moved away i would be so sad so would my twin

By Alexandra Rainbow Wobbling on:

Love the book!!!

4 Stars

I love this book because it shows that you don't have to be the same as your friend, you can just be who you are!

By Riley Echo Cuddlepie on:

Best Friends

5 Stars

This book is amazing because the story is very similar to what happened when my best friend left. This book shows you don't have to like the same things to be best friends.

By Elsa Party Lolly on:

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