The Bed and Breakfast Star

The Bed and Breakfast Star

Where do baby apes sleep? In apricots!

I'm Elsa, and that's one of my jokes (I tell LOTS of jokes and I'm going to be a big star one day). I do my best to cheer my family up - but no one seems to laugh much any more. Not since we lost our lovely house and had to move into a bed and breakfast hotel . . .

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5 Stars

I loved this book and found it so funny. I just wish that my family would respect Elsa and her comedy

By Emerald Fashion Skylark on:

Star rating only.

5 Stars

So funny

By Sunset Rabbit Tulips on:

if it was cake, it would be delicious

5 Stars

No review supplied.

By Willow Rabbit Bluebell on:


5 Stars

this book is amazing

By Sweetie Circus Marshmellow on:

Elsa is awsome!!!

4 Stars

I loved this book and I recommend this for children who can read and above! I loved Elsa and her characteristics and I loved the way she was still very caring to pippa and hank even though she had a d … [ Continue reading ]

By Alice Party Star on:

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