The Longest Whale Song

The Longest Whale Song

Ella's mum is in a deep coma, having just had a new baby. That means Ella has to live with Jack, her hopeless stepfather, and cope with her tiny newborn brother, as well as worrying about Mum. The only thing that's going right is her school project. It's all about whales and how they sing out to each other to attract a mate - sometimes for hours. Maybe a whale song could reach Mum, wherever she is, and bring her back to Ella and baby Samson. Surely it's worth a try?

4.62 Stars

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a great book

5 Stars

i love this book soooooo much but my favoroute part is when they try to find a childminder i used to go to one in the morning and she was amazing

By Alexandra Rainbow Wobbling on:

5 Stars. Full stop. No more discussion,.

5 Stars

I love the part when SPOILER ALERT Ella starts loving Samson. Amazing, Jacky!

By Lizzie Glitter Kingfisher on:

The longest whale song book review

5 Stars

I'm literally am only halfway through this book, but it's sooooo good! I would highly recommend this, although at the start, I have to admit, is kinda sad. I'm still really into it though!

By Vita Cherry Star on:

Star rating only.

5 Stars

It made me cry. Poor Ella! I was sooo relieved when her Mum... Spoiler alert!

By Flossy Apple Emerald on:


4 Stars

When you have to stop reading you don't won't to stop you just want to carry on reading this book. This book is happy at the start and end but a bit emotional in the middle.

By Becky Tiger Fairy on:

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