The Mum-Minder

The Mum-Minder

“I'm Sadie and I'm nearly nine. Mum's a childminder, but she doesn't have to mind me. I can mind myself, easy-peasy. Lucky for Mum, because now she's got the flu, so I've got to mind her – and help with all the babies!”

4.47 Stars

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totally awesome!

4 Stars

i like this book it's totally cool

By Riley Party Chocolates on:

Like it!

3 Stars

I loved it

By Alisha Angel Swirls on:

5 Stars

By Justine Glitter Secret on:

Love it!

5 Stars

It was very funny and I think it is one of the best books ever!

By Elsa Fashion Sun on:

Great book!

5 Stars

I love this book. My Mum is also a Childminder so I know what it is like having different children around the house all the time.

By Mystic Kaleidoscope Sequin on:

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