The Suitcase Kid

The Suitcase Kid

When my parents split up they didn't know what to do with me . . .

My family always lived at Mulberry Cottage. Mum, Dad, me - and Radish, my Sylvanian rabbit. But now Mum lives with Bill the Baboon and his three kids. Dad lives with Carrie and her twins. And where do I live? I live out of a suitcase. One week with Mum's new family, one week with Dad's.

It's as easy as A B C. That's what everyone says. But all I want is to go home - back to Mulberry Cottage...

4.52 Stars

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really good!

5 Stars

if you love double act, then this is the book for you!

By Marigold Sparkle Swift on:


4 Stars

I did like this book, but not in my top five. P.S.I have a rabbit a bit like Radish!

By Zippy Strawberry Wobbling on:

Suitcase kid

5 Stars

I haven't read this book yet but i think i should buy it as the reviews as very good and the extract is very interesting.

By Amy Tiger Monster on:

suitcase kid review

5 Stars

the only bad thing bad about it is finishing it i wish this was longer! I love the detail its amazing! suitcase kid is by far THE BEST JACQUELINE WILSON BOOK EVER!

By Rhiannon Cherry Midnight on:


5 Stars

Aww, poor Andy.

By Lily Sparkle Perfume on:

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