The Worry Website

The Worry Website

 Is anything bothering you? Problems in class or at home? Don't know where to turn for help? Log on to the Worry Website! Type in your worry and wait for the good advice to flow in.

At least that's the plan when Mr Speed sets up his super-cool new Worry Website for the class. Holly, Greg, Natasha and the rest feel that they've got shed loads of worries but, as they find out, sometimes the best advice comes from the most unexpected place.

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5 Stars

I think this book is for old kids because some of the worries are quite deep but I loved it?!

By Mandy Sparkle Sparrow on:


4 Stars

I have read this so many times!! I love samantha and lisa!!! I reccommened it to 5 to 7 years old.

By Bella Echo Meadowlark on:

i love this story

5 Stars

I really like this book! I worry about stuff and this book has helped me get my worrys out and get them sorted. I think its great and should be read by all

By Rosaline Fashion Emerald on:

I enjoyed this book.

5 Stars

This book helped my nightmares just like Claire and showed me im not alone!

By Wendy Rabbit Daisy on:

good bedtime reading

3 Stars

it as it does not take much effort to read

By Coral Cherry Garden on:

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