Vicky Angel

Vicky Angel

'You look as if you've seen a ghost!'

Jade is so used to living in the shadow of Vicky, her loud, confident best friend, that when a tragic accident occurs, she can hardly believe that Vicky's no longer around. But Vicky's a sparky girl who's not going to let a small thing like being dead stop her from living life to the full! Whether Jade is in lessons, out running or tentatively trying to make new friends, Vicky is determined to make her presence felt . . .

4.51 Stars

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3 Stars

I did enjoy it but it is quite sad

By Abi Sparkle Cuddlepie on:


5 Stars

I love it.It remains in my mind, reminding me of my great-grandfather and great-grandfather.They died in Poland whilst I was in England so it reminds me very much.Thank you Jacqueline xxx

By Sunset Crystal Gemstone on:


3 Stars

it had a sad start and a sort of sad ending

By Rose Breezy Writer on:

vicky angel

5 Stars

i found it very sad when vicky died but she kept her sense of humour stll

By Avery Kaleidoscope Moonlight on:

Star rating only.

5 Stars

This book is one of the best books I have ever read.

By Tilda Angel Mist on:

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