Buried Alive!

Buried Alive!

Tim’s back and his quiet holiday in Wales, with his parents and his best friend Biscuits, unexpectedly becomes truly terribly adventurous. An encounter with two local bully-boys threatens to disrupt Tim and Biscuits’s fun but their friendship is also threatened by the arrival of Tim’s ebullient friend, Kelly. Tim tells the story in snappy prose punctuated with revealing, illustrated extracts from his and Biscuits’s holiday diaries.

4.23 Stars

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5 Stars

gonna read it now

By April Angel Perfume on:


5 Stars

This is definitely in my top 5 books,this is probably 3.

By Susan Breezy Shoes on:


3 Stars

it was ok but a bit boring i only got to the 2nd chapter

By Rhiannon Rabbit Moonlight on:


3 Stars

Wasn't my fav but ok.

By Ivy Sparkle Monster on:

Great book from the library

5 Stars

This book is very good. I read it in the book called Happy Holidays. The best part for me was when Tim got buried alive and attacked by the bullies. I also really liked when Biscuits made a land sl … [ Continue reading ]

By Dolphin Dinah Perfume on:

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