Floss's parents are divorced, and she divides up her week, spending five days with her mum, her new stepdad and her baby half-brother. The other two days Floss spends with her dad, helping him to run his greasy spoon cafe. But their simple arrangement is thrown into disarray when Floss's mum decides to move to Australia.

Making the difficult decision to stay at home, Floss moves in permanently with her dad and they muddle along happily together, surviving on chip butties and enjoying visits to the local funfair. But disaster strikes - Dad's money troubles catch up with him and they have to move out of the cafe. They're homeless - but can their new fairground friends help out?

4.71 Stars

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5 Stars

This is so good and it is my first Jacqueline Wilson and it is so good and Floss is a really good character.

By Zippy Glitter Lolly on:


5 Stars

This book is amazing to hard to put down

By Ellie Tiger Sparrow on:


4 Stars

it was a sweet story it made me laugh a lot and I love lucky the cat

By Golden Dinah Star on:

I liked it

4 Stars

I was reading lots of other books at the same time as well some story books like this one and some other books like sports books and lam almost finished reading this one but it really settled it toget … [ Continue reading ]

By Mystic Dinah Hair on:


5 Stars


By Lily Sparkle Perfume on:

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