The Dinosaur's Packed Lunch (Colour First Reader)

The Dinosaur's Packed Lunch (Colour First Reader)

Dinah feels sad. Her class has gone on a school trip to see the dinosaurs at the museum, and everyone else has a tasty packed lunch - except Dinah. Until a funny new friend decides to help . . . Soon Dinah has a very special packed lunch - but there is an even bigger surprise in store!

4.08 Stars

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1 Stars

I read it from school

By Susan Breezy Shoes on:

love it

5 Stars

read it when I was 8 or 9

By Lulu Fashion Tickles on:


4 Stars

My brother read this book and really enjoyed it

By Hetty Crystal Nightingale on:


5 Stars

I got it from the library.

By Molly Cherry Fairy on:


5 Stars

This so funny!!! I love this!! I recommend this book to ANYONE and EVERYONE!!

By Rosaline Bluebell Parachute on:

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