The brilliant new book from bestselling author Jacqueline Wilson, set in the children's ward of a 1950s hospital.It’s 1953, the year Elizabeth is to be crowned Queen of England. Elsie Kettle can't wait to go to London to see the celebrations on Coronation Day. Elsie lives with her Nan – her mum works as a showgirl, so she's not around very often. Spirited and imaginative, but often lonely, Elsie longs for a best friend. Luckily, she and Nan are very close; Elsie just wishes she was allowed a cat to keep her company sometimes.Then tragedy strikes. Nan and Elsie both fall ill, and Elsie finds herself whisked away to the children's ward of the hospital...

4.81 Stars

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Love it!

4 Stars

It is one of my favourite Jacqueline Wilson books-I would definitely recommend to other Jacqueline Wilson fans

By Amy Kaleidoscope Sequin on:

Long but good

4 Stars

I absolutely loved it but it was abit long Makes me cry when I read every single page

By Mandy Sparkle Sparrow on:

looks really good

4 Stars

I saw the trailer and i really wanna read it!!!

By Tim Silly Socks on:

Amazing, but sad!

5 Stars

This book makes me cry every time I read it.

By Winifred Echo Feather on:

tear alert

5 Stars

I lobved this book so much and im so sad because I cant find my copy

By Jessie Breezy Pants on:

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