The Butterfly Club

The Butterfly Club

Tina is a triplet, but she's always been the odd one out. Her sisters Phil and Maddie are bigger and stronger and better at just about everything. Luckily, they look after teeny-tiny Tina wherever they go - but when the girls start in scary, super-strict Miss Lovejoy's class, they're split up, and Tina has to fend for herself for the first time.

Tina is horrified when she's paired up with angry bully Selma, who nobody wants to be friends with. But when Miss Lovejoy asks them to help her create a butterfly garden in the school playground, Tina discovers she doesn't alwaysneed her sisters - and that there's a lot more to Selma than first meets the eye.

A beautiful, heartwarming story about friendship, confidence and becoming your own person.

4.71 Stars

1103 Reviews

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3 Stars

This book was full of fun and friendships but with hardships on the way and I love the butterflies and the of course the butterfly club

By Sadie Snazzy Sunflower on:


5 Stars

I liked how SPOILER ALERT Tina and Selma teamed up in the end

By Serenity Glitter Emerald on:

Star rating only.

5 Stars

This book shows it doesn't matter how shy and nervous you are because when you find out more about people you can become a stronger person.

By Elsa Party Lolly on:

best book ever

5 Stars

I have read this book so many times i find it so great how SPOILER ALERT in the end her and selma are friends and also I find it great that phil and maddie are so nice to tina my sibblings would never … [ Continue reading ]

By Flossy Cherry Kitten on:

Love it!

5 Stars

I loved how she was so nervous about miss lovejoy at the start of the book but at the end she loves her!

By Amy Fashion Biscuits on:

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