Katy Carr is a lively, daredevil oldest sister in a big family. She loves messing around outdoors, climbing on the garage roof, or up a tree, cycling, skateboarding, swinging . . . But her life changes in dramatic and unexpected ways after a serious accident.

 Inspired by the classic novel, What Katy Did, Jacqueline Wilson creates an irresistible modern version for the twenty-first-century. Fans of Hetty Feather and Tracy Beaker will fall in love with Katy and her family too.

4.77 Stars

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the best

5 Stars

the book is super amazing. i cant believe how good it is

By Tracy Glitter Buttercup on:


5 Stars

this is such a lifelike story an it has been made into a TV show but that is not like the book. i think Katy has a sad life but then realises she has so much more then she thinks like if … [ Continue reading ]

By Lavender Sparkle Telescope on:

Star rating only.

5 Stars

No review supplied.

By Ellie Moonlight Punk on:


5 Stars

I think this the best book ever. I love what Katy did and I loved this as well. SPOILER ALERT it is very sad and I cried a bit when I finished it But it is a good book. I even made a film of Katy when … [ Continue reading ]

By Pippa Snazzy Meadowlark on:


5 Stars

I read this book before the three part series came out on cbbc.It would be better if you read the book first because you can find out what happened in way more detail.

By Mandy Crystal Christmas on:

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