Katy Carr is a lively, daredevil oldest sister in a big family. She loves messing around outdoors, climbing on the garage roof, or up a tree, cycling, skateboarding, swinging . . . But her life changes in dramatic and unexpected ways after a serious accident.

 Inspired by the classic novel, What Katy Did, Jacqueline Wilson creates an irresistible modern version for the twenty-first-century. Fans of Hetty Feather and Tracy Beaker will fall in love with Katy and her family too.

4.77 Stars

1244 Reviews

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Looks ace

5 Stars

I haven't read it but I have read the original Katy series by Susan M. Coolidge, which is truly amazing! I can't wait to read this!

By Dolphin Cynthia Gemstone on:

So amazing!

5 Stars

This book was brilliant! My favourite sibling of Katy's is definitely Clover she's so loyal!

By Alisha Angel Swirls on:

I love love love it

5 Stars

OMG I love this book it is sooooo amazing I recommend it for every Jacqueline Wilson fan!

By Elsa Party Swan on:

Sounds great

5 Stars

I have seen it before when I was younger and I thought it would be boring but now I think it would be a great book

By Elsa Glitter Swirls on:

Star rating only.

5 Stars

I loved this book so much I wouldn't put it down

By Hetty Kaleidoscope Telescope on:

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