Hetty Feather's Christmas

Hetty Feather's Christmas

Cosy up for Christmas with this brand-new festive story, starring everyone's favourite Victorian foundling, Hetty Feather! An unexpected gift leads to trouble for Hetty on Christmas Day at the Foundling Hospital, and the dreaded Matron Bottomly is delighted to have an excuse to exclude Hetty from the festive celebrations. Poor Hetty is distraught – but just when it seems that all is lost, a dear friend arrives to whisk her away for a Christmas unlike any other . . . 

4.58 Stars

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2 Stars

If you haven't read this book, I really advise doing so!!! You're missing out by not reading it!!

By Rose Balloon Kiwi on:

Good Book

5 Stars

Hetty Feather is quite funny so it is one of your funniest books you have ever written.

By Rosaline Snazzy Meadowlark on:

Loved it!!!

5 Stars

I have read all the Hetty Feather books and lived them all. I am hoping for another long one to read!

By Sophia Harmony Swirls on:


5 Stars

this book is joined up with clover moon and rose rivers Love this book

By Pixie Cherry Pebble on:

Never read it

5 Stars

Never read hetty feather but seen a couple of episode s and so want to read it.

By Mabel Crystal Jelly on:

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