Dancing the Charleston

Dancing the Charleston

A brand new Jacqueline Wilson novel, full of glitz and glamour! Are you ready to trip the light fantastic with Mona? 

In a little cottage on the edge of the grand Somerset Estate, Mona lives with her aunt - a dressmaker to the lady of the house. 

Even though Mona never knew her mother and father, she knows Aunty tries to give her the best life she can.

When Lady Somerset dies and a new member of the family inherits the house, life changes drastically for Mona.

Suddenly she’s invited to dazzling balls, dines on delicious food and plays with wild new friends. But with these changes come secrets that Mona can’t dance away from. . .

A fantastic stand-alone historical novel, perfect for fans of Hetty Feather and Wave Me Goodbye!

4.67 Stars

177 Reviews

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Its not BAD

5 Stars

Dancing the Charleston is not the best of Jacky, but I still love the concept and Mona is such a kind, caring person.

By Avery Moonlight Lipstick on:


5 Stars

My favorite book ever!

By Verity Angel Daydream on:


4 Stars

I only just started this book.I am on chapter 4. So far so good!

By Rhiannon Sparkling Sequin on:


5 Stars

IT IS A GREAT BOOK WITH AN AMAZING TWIST AT THE END BUT... idk y she named it dancing the charleston. it has nothing to do with what the book is about

By Princess Rainbow Robot on:


5 Stars

I have started reading this book and it's Brilliant

By Ivy Orange Christmas on:

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