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Hetty Feather
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5 Stars

I cannot recommend this book enough! Its the best series and I have read them all at least 7 times. This book and the rest of the books in the series never gets old!

By Emily Rainbow Punk on: 12-05-2020

I'm so sorry Elsa Fashion Cupcake,

5 Stars

I love it ,and if you get the chance, you would probably love it

By Willow Rabbit Bluebell on: 12-05-2020


5 Stars

hetty feather is my favorite tv show I can't wait to read the book

By Lily Cherry Eagle on: 12-05-2020


5 Stars

No review supplied.

By Opal Strawberry Daydream on: 06-05-2020


5 Stars

All of the reviews make me want to read it but I can't afford it

By Elsa Fashion Cupcake on: 05-05-2020


5 Stars

No review supplied.

By India Cherry Horse on: 01-05-2020

Hetty feather is the best

5 Stars

I was so bored and then I came across Hetty Feather, I have read and got the whole series. It is the best series I have ever read, my profile picture is her as Emerald star!

By Mystic Breezy Kiwi on: 29-04-2020

nice sad romantic we all love it!

5 Stars

I read this book Sapphire Battersea and Emerald Star then showed them to my friend, she loved them too!

By Mystic Harmony Star on: 28-04-2020

Hetty Feather is awesome!

5 Stars

I really recommend this book because it is an amazing. If you like stories that involve love, sadness and a good bit of history in them, then read this!

By Charlie Breezy Sandwich on: 24-04-2020

1000000000000 stars

5 Stars


By Lily Sparkle Perfume on: 21-04-2020


5 Stars

This book is a dream. Hetty is an awesome character and because of this, she is envied by Sheila.

By Jade Echo Robot on: 12-04-2020

Hetty feather

5 Stars

This book is one of my favorite books!I watched all the episodes and dreamed of being Hetty feather in the Victorian era with such of an exiting life.I was amazed when Hetty Feather was mentioned in dancing the Charleston as an elderly woman. This is definitely a great book that you should read.

By Daisy Dinosaur Whispers on: 02-04-2020

I love hetty

5 Stars

the book was amazing! I felt so many emotions while reading it

By Golden Dinah Star on: 28-03-2020


5 Stars

I loved this book it was amazing and so heart warming!

By Violet Cynthia Hat on: 27-03-2020

My Fave!

5 Stars

SPOILER ALERT!!!!! This is such a heartwarming story of Hetty trying to find her real parents.....I just love it!

By Marigold Bluebell Summer on: 23-03-2020


5 Stars

I LOVE the Hetty Feather series and they are so adventurous! I don't know how anyone could be so naughty, brave or resilient! I would recommend this to all ages of children. There is also a T.V. series you can watch.

By Golden Snazzy Sunflower on: 22-03-2020

1000000 stars

5 Stars

I love this book.It is great.

By Sam Dinah Parrot on: 17-03-2020

Jacqy classic

4 Stars

I love this book sooo much, Hetty is sooo strong to be able to be a founding. OMG, the greatest book ever.

By Dixie Tiger Spice on: 10-03-2020


5 Stars

This book is incredible! I love Jacqulines books about victorian times! This book s my favourite book!

By Alexandra Breezy Feather on: 05-03-2020


5 Stars

This book was amazing!! I LOVED reading it!!

By Carrie Sparkling Spice on: 12-02-2020

Hefty Feather FAN!!!!!

4 Stars

I love Hetty Feather and am encouraging more people to read Jacqueline Wilson's books. I am a huge fan of all her books especially the ones set in the Victorian era. Having read all the Hefty Feather books, I have to decide that this is my ultimate favourite. If you have not read it and don't plan to, you are missing out on a LOT!

By Alisha Angel Swirls on: 04-02-2020

Best ever

5 Stars

It is super good. Jaqueline Wilson is DEFINATELY my fave author. She is epic.

By Rose Party Art on: 02-02-2020

Hetty Feather

5 Stars

I absolutely loved this book-it was so interesting and I struggled to put it down!JW is definately one of my favourite authors.

By Lizzie Breezy Wink on: 26-01-2020


5 Stars

This is one of my favorite books ever! Everyone one should read it!

By Tilda Orange Sunflower on: 11-01-2020

best book in the world !!!

5 Stars

This book is a very good book. Because it tells you a lot of information about Hettys past. I like how matron was very mean and cruel but sometimes has a good side by giving sweets to some children. I strongly recommend this book to people who like learning about the past. Have fun reading.

By Stormy Snazzy Flower on: 09-01-2020

Star rating only.

5 Stars

I really like this book.

By Jade Harmony Meadowlark on: 09-01-2020

A really great book!

5 Stars

I absolutely love this book! I think everyone should read it.

By Marigold Rainbow Midnight on: 09-12-2019


5 Stars

I honestly lovvveee this book soo much and all the other ones which go with it like i remember reading this 3 years ago and still know how everything is like. I would love you guys to read this book and i am so honoured to discover an author like Jacqueline Wilson she is the best in the whole entire world,XXX

By Cherry Silly Horse on: 12-11-2019


5 Stars

ive read my copy so many times the front cover has fallen off. truly an amazing book

By Dixie Tiger Sunflower on: 10-11-2019

A brilliant novel.

4 Stars

This is a brilliant novel depicting the hardships of a Victorian orphans life. Also, the novel depicts how manipulative and dangerous people who you least expect can be. The story is a great way to help young children understand the Victorian era.

By Lulu Circus Treasure on: 31-10-2019