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Little Darlings
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Can you tell me what it is about?

1 Stars

Hi I haven't seen this book but it sounds very well intreastin can anyone tell me about this book!?

By Fabulous Balloon Pants on: 03-05-2020

Really good

5 Stars

This book is really good luv it

By Sophia Sparkle Lipstick on: 01-05-2020

My favourite book

5 Stars

I finished it yesterday it was so good my favourite book!

By Lavender Bluebell Kiwi on: 20-04-2020


5 Stars

Little darlings is great! Totally read this!

By Rosaline Cynthia Star on: 19-04-2020

I love it!

4 Stars

This book is amazing! I couldn't put it down! You should definitely read it!

By Stormy Tiger Emerald on: 18-04-2020

really good book

5 Stars

I would recommend this book but I would say that I wish there was a sequel to it as it ends too soon!

By Coral Cherry Garden on: 15-04-2020


3 Stars

i love how sunset and destiny share something special together read the book to find out what

By Electric Fashion Sun on: 08-04-2020

Star rating only.

5 Stars

This is so good. It shows two people who are really different meeting eachover and becoming really good friends

By Emerald Silly Midnight on: 15-03-2020


4 Stars

I loved LITTLE DARLINGS it was so good

By Opal Cynthia Giggle on: 14-03-2020

great ending

4 Stars

great ending to the book it is just satisfing

By Verity Fashion Daffodil on: 08-03-2020

Loved it !!!!!!!!!!!

4 Stars


By Mystic Snazzy Spice on: 03-03-2020


5 Stars

I haven't read it BUT I WANT IT SO BAD!!! I just can't find it in a bookshop pls be in waterstones next time,not having it is driving me BONKERS! P.S. Where is Little Darlings?!

By Zippy Strawberry Wobbling on: 19-02-2020

Best book ever!

4 Stars

It is one of the best books I have ever read

By Archie Strawberry Skylark on: 15-02-2020

I LOVE Little Darlings!!!!!!

5 Stars

This book is brilliant and I can't choose between Sunset or Destiny! I love the ending. It is so sweet!

By Alisha Angel Swirls on: 08-02-2020

Not Finished Yet But AMAZE BOOK!

5 Stars

So I haven't finished the book quite yet, but am close but, already loving it x

By Willow Bluebell Monster on: 22-01-2020

The best book ever

5 Stars

I've just finished this book but I got really into it and I read it where ever I went

By Cherry Balloon Nightingale on: 12-01-2020


5 Stars

Lovely , sad , happy

By April Angel Perfume on: 11-01-2020

sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool

4 Stars

i loved it, it teaches you a very important lesson

By Lady Tiger Mist on: 10-01-2020


5 Stars

I read this ages ago but still have it in my mind.It teaches you a very important life lesson, friendship.

By Sunset Crystal Gemstone on: 25-12-2019


5 Stars

I love this so much. Teaches lots of amazing things.

By Mandy Crystal Christmas on: 21-12-2019

friend in need is a friend in deed

4 Stars

although i havent finished it but it already started teaching me life lessons .... of how a real friendship can be and what kind of other friends i will find in my life

By Bella Sparkle Telescope on: 16-12-2019

I Love it

5 Stars

This is one of the best books ever

By Dixie Circus Cupcake on: 09-11-2019

Star rating only.

5 Stars

I have only read half of 'little darlings'but it is my second favourite book ever

By Stormy Crystal Perfume on: 02-11-2019

Great book.

5 Stars

I loved this amazing book. Read it.

By Lulu Sparkling Bunny on: 13-10-2019

best book

5 Stars

this is the best book ever!I was obsessed with this book i could not stop reading.I put this book on my book blog.

By Rose Party Starburst on: 13-09-2019

Star rating only.

5 Stars

Want it

By Mabel Crystal Jelly on: 11-08-2019


5 Stars

I read this book and it is so good it is one of my fave books

By Sophia Circus Prize on: 10-08-2019


5 Stars

i haven't read this book yet, but it sounds AMAZING. So i'm going to give it thums up!

By Ivy Crystal Cuddlepie on: 29-07-2019


5 Stars

it looks like a good book though i never read it but i read all her books apart from this one

By Cherry Angel Chocolates on: 22-07-2019


5 Stars


By April Rabbit Flower on: 09-07-2019