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Starring Tracy Beaker
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the best book ever

5 Stars


By Aubrey Cynthia Sandwich on: 30-04-2020


5 Stars

AMAZING book, I love how Tracy acted Scrooge

By Aubrey Bluebell Jewel on: 28-04-2020

Review and Reply

5 Stars

Reply Poppy Sparkling Eyes, yes it is called 'The Dare Game' you should find it next to 'The Story of Tracy Beaker' on the bookshelf, if u click Newest and All. Review This is an Amazing book, I loved the look on Tracy's face when she saw herself as Ebenezer Scrooge. xD

By Willow Bluebell Monster on: 21-04-2020

Star rating only.

3 Stars

No review supplied.

By Lulu Party Midnight on: 16-04-2020


5 Stars

I have read this and it is super duper luper good

By Rosaline Breezy Swan on: 10-04-2020

Star rating only.

5 Stars

I read this cover to cover twice amazing well done Jacky

By Mabel Crystal Jelly on: 09-02-2020


3 Stars

It's ok there were funny bits in but I'm wondering is there a book where she actually meets her mum?

By Poppy Sparkling Eyes on: 13-11-2019

So funny

5 Stars

This book is really funny and good. I recommend it to any book lovers.

By Tilda Angel Mist on: 01-11-2019


5 Stars

I absolutely love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So funny! I could read it all the time!!!!

By Tracy Balloon Chocolates on: 09-09-2019

Good book

5 Stars

I love Tracy Beaker books. Good job

By Sweetie Angel Socks on: 31-07-2019


5 Stars

good book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Avery Strawberry Eyes on: 25-06-2019

Star rating only.

4 Stars

it was just as good as the first!

By Poppy Harmony Kiwi on: 12-06-2019

Star rating only.

3 Stars

I liked I thought it was good but compared with your other books it wasn't as good

By Sapphire Cynthia Tulips on: 11-06-2019

starring Tracy Beaker

5 Stars

Love the book!

By Mandy Rainbow Monster on: 30-03-2019


5 Stars

No review supplied.

By Richeldis Strawberry Sky on: 24-03-2019


5 Stars

Don't give up

By Dolphin Party Zebra on: 15-03-2019


5 Stars

It was FAB.

By Wendy Echo Sequin on: 10-03-2019

Gr8 book

5 Stars

I love Tracy! If you're a Tracy beaker fan you'll love this.

By Trixibelle Crystal Swan on: 20-02-2019

Here comes Tracy!

5 Stars

Love this book soo much!!!!

By Jacky Crystal Gemstone on: 11-01-2019


5 Stars

Tracy is a super star of the story!

By Lavender Apple Art on: 28-12-2018

Starring Tracy Beaker Reveiw

5 Stars

This is my faverote Tracy Beaker novel. It is jam packed with characters,life lessons and drama. I would recommend this book to people who have rea a Tracy Beaker novel and want more.

By Opal Tiger Punk on: 09-12-2018

more tb!!!!!!

5 Stars

OMG this book I cannot describe it I LOVE hearing Tracy pulling of pranks and getting backfired TB rules

By Alisha Sparkling Chocolates on: 08-12-2018


4 Stars

Tracy Beaker is amazing

By Cherry Orange Daydream on: 23-05-2018

Must read the Tracy Beaker series!!!!

5 Stars

I'm sure you've read it, but if you haven't this book is about a girl called Tracy Beaker who gets the main role in the school Christmas play as Scrooge in 'A Christmas Carol' and she's really waiting for her Mum to come and.... Read the book to find out!

By Crimson Breezy Butterfly on: 28-04-2018


5 Stars

THIS BOOK IS AMAZING . It gives me a taste of Tracy's life in care . Tracy has a very short temper probley because of Justine.

By Alisha Rabbit Lipstick on: 04-04-2018


5 Stars

This is a great book just like every other Jacqueline wilson book Only problem is I don't know what means.

By Bella Crystal Treasure on: 27-03-2018

best book ever!

5 Stars

I love this book SO MUCH!

By Wendy Apple Dreamer on: 27-03-2018


5 Stars

You know how Tracy gets the main role, right? Well, I never got to be Mary in the Nativity.

By Amy Cynthia Art on: 28-02-2018

starring tracy beaker

5 Stars

the Tracy beaker book is so amusing i read it in only three hours i totally reccommend for people from age six to eleven

By Mandy Silly Horse on: 27-02-2018


5 Stars

I love Tracy Beaker! You should definitely read this one. Recommended!

By Bella Dinosaur Hat on: 20-02-2018