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Buried Alive!
4.23 Stars

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4 words

5 Stars


By Electric Cynthia Sequin on: 25-04-2020

buried alive

4 Stars

it was quite good and i enjoyed it.

By Sophia Cynthia Jewel on: 30-03-2020

It was ok

3 Stars

It was ok but I don't like all the bullies because bullies are mean. My friend read it and she said it was good and she liked biscuits because he was funny.

By Electric Fashion Girl on: 08-03-2020


5 Stars

great book and love biscuts but i will say read cliffhanger before this book FACT tim has a girlfriend called kelly

By Verity Fashion Daffodil on: 08-03-2020


4 Stars

Biscuits is the best especially his diary

By Molly Sparkling Diamond on: 31-01-2020


4 Stars

I enjoyed this book and I think my brothers will too and I thought that biscuits diary was very funny

By Amy Breezy Writer on: 27-01-2020

Amazing book

5 Stars

Read this on holiday very good book top 5

By Mystic Orange Starburst on: 21-01-2020


5 Stars

gonna read it now

By April Angel Perfume on: 11-01-2020


5 Stars

This is definitely in my top 5 books,this is probably 3.

By Susan Breezy Shoes on: 12-12-2019


3 Stars

it was ok but a bit boring i only got to the 2nd chapter

By Rhiannon Rabbit Moonlight on: 29-11-2019


3 Stars

Wasn't my fav but ok.

By Ivy Sparkle Monster on: 14-10-2019

Great book from the library

5 Stars

This book is very good. I read it in the book called Happy Holidays. The best part for me was when Tim got buried alive and attacked by the bullies. I also really liked when Biscuits made a land slide of sand and that they saved one of the bullies although his was super mean to them!

By Dolphin Dinah Perfume on: 20-08-2019


4 Stars

this book is soo amazing i like the diary illustrations

By Marigold Glitter Cupcake on: 05-07-2019

read it at school

4 Stars

WAS very excited finding this lurking in school library but thought tim had grown up and book told from child point of view little disappointed amazing all the same

By Richeldis Strawberry Sky on: 24-03-2019


4 Stars

I really enjoyed it, and loved the parts about bullying

By India Dinah Parrot on: 17-03-2019


5 Stars

sooooooooooooooo Weird

By Dolphin Party Zebra on: 15-03-2019

Star rating only.

4 Stars

We read this with our teacher.

By Golden Breezy Summer on: 05-03-2019


5 Stars

This book is amazing I love the drawings by Nick Sharratt but most of all make more books like this amazing. It tells me about bully's that's what I am interested. Thank You very much from number 1 fan all wishes from your fan

By Jessie Crystal Smarties on: 12-10-2018

Interesting book!!!

4 Stars

I have read this book and the front cover is very interesting isn't it.

By Serenity Cynthia Snowflake on: 11-10-2018

review of this book

5 Stars


By Dixie Harmony Sunflower on: 29-07-2018


5 Stars

my favorite character is biscuits because i love sausages too!by the way soooooooooooooooo funny

By Trixibelle Crystal Swan on: 18-05-2018

Star rating only.

5 Stars

No review supplied.

By Charlie Snazzy Mist on: 05-05-2018

buried alive.

3 Stars

I am reading this at school and it is sooooooooooooooooooo funny!

By Riley Harmony Swirls on: 17-04-2018

Star rating only.

5 Stars

I liked this book, it was fun and sometimes exciting. It follows the book Cliffhanger, which also entertained me. I liked the final part where Tim saved Jezura and at least he did not feel like it was wrong. It's a kid again, but it did not matter much to me. It was well read.

By Serenity Balloon Feather on: 15-04-2018

i liked it

4 Stars

i liked the diary parts and the pictures

By Lucille Squeaky on: 11-04-2018


5 Stars

Biscuits is a great character, and he is very funny, the book is funny too!

By Lulu Orange Horse on: 09-04-2018

Star rating only.

5 Stars

No review supplied.

By Lily Breezy Shoes on: 17-03-2018

JW fan

5 Stars

This book was great buy it now!!!

By Molly Strawberry Marshmellow on: 04-03-2018

it was goodish

3 Stars

i did not really like it. sorry jacky.

By Molly Breezy Cupcake on: 24-02-2018

Great book

4 Stars

It really shows the characters minds. I love the book

By Jasmine Fashion Eyes on: 30-12-2017