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Clover Moon
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5 Stars

Hang in there Clover!! Needs to be a second Clover Moon l! PLEASE! Maybe Clover could be adopted by the Rivers? Or become a famous artist? Endless posabillities!

By Dixie Tiger Spice on: 13-05-2020


5 Stars

I still have to find this book but does it mention the Rivers family in it? Sometimes it's confusing.

By Electric Balloon Emerald on: 11-05-2020

I love it!

4 Stars

I thought it was soooo sad but it was also full of happiness

By Emerald Angel Hat on: 11-05-2020

can't wait

4 Stars

my BFF bought me this, it arrived today, cant wait

By Willow Rabbit Bluebell on: 06-05-2020

My favourite book

5 Stars

I love this book love the story my favourite characters are Miss smith and sissy!!

By Emily Moonlight Marshmellow on: 01-05-2020

So good

5 Stars

I would read this book a thousand times but its really sad as well especially when SPOILER ALERT poor little Meg dies but there was a scary bit when Clover was in the academy and Mildred came barging in it frightened the life out of me I had nightmares still FIVE STARS

By Sophia Sparkle Lipstick on: 30-04-2020


5 Stars

This book is so detailed that it makes you feel as if you are there, you can fell Clover's struggles and once you start you cannot stop.

By Becky Rainbow Dreamer on: 30-04-2020

clover moon

5 Stars

is amazing I cryed 4 times exspeshaly when SPOILER ALERT meg dies miss smith and all the ally kids are so very nice

By Sam Breezy Eyes on: 24-04-2020

Loved It!

5 Stars

This was the first Jacqueline Wilson book I ever read and I can confidently say that it's one of my favourites! I think that when SPOILER ALERT Clover Moon met Hetty Feather, it was a really nice touch to the book!!!

By India Sparkle Swirls on: 22-04-2020

Clover Moon

5 Stars

My favourite book EVER!!!!!!!!

By Jacky Cynthia Telescope on: 21-04-2020


5 Stars

I love Clover and look up to her

By Pippa Crystal Mist on: 15-04-2020

Great book!

5 Stars

I really liked this book!it is so good

By Queen Silly Flower on: 11-04-2020


5 Stars

this book is amazing. I love the bit when SPOILER ALERT Clover in secret goes to Megs funeral in the clothes Mr Dolly had made her.

By Mandy Strawberry Whispers on: 07-04-2020


5 Stars

I loved this book! I got it out in the library after my friend had requested it and could not put it down until it was finished.

By Mystic Bluebell Hat on: 05-04-2020


5 Stars

By Violet Balloon Spice on: 02-04-2020


4 Stars

This is one of the best books I have ever read in my entire life. I think I really relate to clover and me may be in the beginning of a great friendship!

By Carrie Circus Midnight on: 28-03-2020

Best book ever!

5 Stars

It shows what life was like in Victorian London. My favourite character is Miss Smith because she is so kind and caring to Clover and Hetty who have both had tragic pasts.

By Alice Circus Wink on: 25-03-2020

Clover moon

1 Stars

Amazing!!! Everyone you has read it loves it especially me

By Wendy Tiger Eagle on: 20-03-2020


4 Stars

I love this book I've read it so many times.

By Aubrey Angel Bluebell on: 17-03-2020


5 Stars

I love this book so much. It was the first book by Jacqueline Wilson I ever read and I love it especially when SPOILER Clover escapes and goes to Megs funeral in the clothes Mr Dolly made her.

By Jodie Sparkle Jewel on: 08-03-2020

this is verry good

5 Stars

No review supplied.

By Alice Snazzy Marshmellow on: 05-03-2020

Powerfully popular

5 Stars

Go clover! Go clover! So good yet want it to carry on forever and miss reading it so I read another eight times! Oops!

By Coral Apple Lipstick on: 04-03-2020

My favourite!!

5 Stars

Clover moon has GOT to be my favourite jw book ever!! I think we would be freinds!

By Scarlet Strawberry Fruit on: 22-02-2020


5 Stars

I would highly recommend this book

By Scarlet Rabbit Blossom on: 20-02-2020


5 Stars

I absolutely loved this book! Clover Moon is one of my favourite books! I don't like Mildred but I love Clover and I have read the book twice! Go for Clover!

By Zippy Strawberry Wobbling on: 18-02-2020

Clover Moon ADMIRER!

5 Stars

I looooove Clover Moon and admire her strength and determination. I read this book passionately, cheering for Miss Smith and hating Mildred. It is nice to see in Rose Rivers that she gets a sort of happy ending.

By Alisha Angel Swirls on: 04-02-2020

Want it!

5 Stars

I am a JW super fan but haven't read Clover Moon! Really want to read it!

By Marigold Dinosaur Cupcake on: 26-01-2020

I was glued.

5 Stars

I was absolutely glued to it, I couldn't put it down! I highly reccommend

By Jessie Snazzy Sweeties on: 24-01-2020

Great book!

5 Stars

I loved the book so much but when I got it the cover was green lol

By Mystic Apple Dazzles on: 20-01-2020


5 Stars

Amazing loved it from the get go

By Emerald Party Wink on: 13-01-2020