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Clover Moon
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5 Stars

Amazing loved it from the get go

By Emerald Party Wink on: 13-01-2020


5 Stars

Love it. It is a fantastic read although it's a bit sad.

By Mandy Crystal Christmas on: 21-12-2019

Clover Moon

5 Stars

its an awesome read and is also sad as well, just wish there were more pictures in it!!

By Dixie Cynthia Meadowlark on: 15-12-2019


5 Stars

This book is emotional and heart-warming!

By Opal Strawberry Daydream on: 14-12-2019

Clover Moon,I love it!!'mm

4 Stars

I love this book,especially as it's set in Victorian times,I would recommend this book!!!

By India Cynthia Gemstone on: 11-12-2019


4 Stars

I LOVE this book.I definitely recommend it. I hope other people agree!

By Rose Harmony Hawk on: 04-11-2019

Great so far

4 Stars

I love it so far, love the storyline. I tried to write a book about a girl like Clover Moon.

By Poppy Strawberry Butterfly on: 31-10-2019


5 Stars

reading this right now, soooo good, nobody spoil please!!!

By Dolphin Kaleidoscope Star on: 20-10-2019


5 Stars

I read this book, and was amazed! The story line is beautifully written and really shows what life was like in the Victorians times! I definitely recommend!

By Aubrey Sparkle Eagle on: 17-10-2019

Best Book

5 Stars

It took me a while to read but it is an amazing book - one of my favourites too - and everyone should read it.

By August Apple Chocolates on: 23-09-2019


5 Stars

I've read this book 4 times it's really good if you haven't read this book you are missing out!

By Hetty Silly Midnight on: 22-09-2019

Love it!!

5 Stars

Brilliant book it was so hard to put down!!!!

By Willow Party Buttercup on: 19-09-2019


5 Stars

I have read this book 3 times, no kidding!

By Lavender Dinah Smarties on: 15-09-2019

One of my favs

4 Stars

I love this book and it shows hetty too. This book is AMAZING!! Like all the other books Ive read!

By Dixie Orange Midnight on: 10-09-2019


5 Stars


By Zippy Glitter Writer on: 08-09-2019


5 Stars

i couldn't put is down. there was soooo dramatic.

By Ditzy Glitter Whispers on: 02-09-2019

So exiting !!!!

5 Stars

Clover moon is amazing she looks after all the children in her street and I cried when clover was locked up in the cupboard

By Serenity Moonlight Swan on: 01-09-2019


4 Stars

Surprises nearly every chapter

By Sunset Rabbit Hawk on: 31-08-2019


4 Stars

It was really good. I really like it.

By Ditzy Silly Torch on: 31-08-2019


4 Stars

This was such a great book. I enjoyed it so much and I like how Hetty comes into the story too.

By Serenity Cherry Kitten on: 30-08-2019

One of Jackie's best books

5 Stars

I love this book sooo much. It is so sad. SPOILER ALERT I cried when Clover was in the cupboard and realised that Megs probably had Scarlet Fever

By Glitzy Echo Perfume on: 17-08-2019

Get it!

5 Stars

Amazing book. If you haven't read it then put it on your reading list! One of my favorites. Make sure to read Rose Rivers next as it is a sequel to Clover Moon.

By Rose Cynthia Bunny on: 04-08-2019

Clover Moon

4 Stars

I really enjoyed this book!

By Hetty Crystal Nightingale on: 30-07-2019

Clover Moon

5 Stars

Great book! So touching and nice! Spoilers! When Hetty and Clover first met eachother, it was great!! Would recommend!

By Opal Rainbow Sunflower on: 27-07-2019

FAB or What?

5 Stars

The only thing wrong with this book is that you can't put it down

By August Sparkling Star on: 25-07-2019

Star rating only.

4 Stars

SPOILER ALERT I almost cried when Megs died.

By Mystic Echo Planet on: 23-07-2019


5 Stars

Sad but a really good book. I would recommend this book.

By Fabulous Silly Sun on: 19-07-2019

Star rating only.

4 Stars

This is a great book. I love it so much.

By Jenny Tiger Nightingale on: 19-07-2019

Looooooooooooooveeeeeeedd It

5 Stars

My Favorite Jacqueline Wilson Book so fa

By Crimson Breezy Eyes on: 16-07-2019


5 Stars

This is my first ever read jacqueline wilson book!I loved it!

By Rhiannon Kaleidoscope Mist on: 15-07-2019