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Wave Me Goodbye
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5 Stars

I could not put it down

By Emerald Harmony Sandwich on: 12-01-2020

Wave Me Goodbye

5 Stars

the book is amazing i like how she has the guts to escape.I also like that she cares about others and that she loves reading and writing like me.

By April Angel Perfume on: 11-01-2020

Star rating only.

5 Stars

I loved this book and I totally think you should read this!!!

By Emily Apple Lipstick on: 04-01-2020

A great book

5 Stars

I could not stop reading it. Really good. I love it.

By Lavender Sparkling Zebra on: 04-01-2020

Wave me good bye review

5 Stars

I love this book! It is now my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE BOOK!

By Tilda Bluebell Microscope on: 26-12-2019

Love it!!

4 Stars

I have read half of this book and I love it!!

By Molly Silly Prize on: 22-12-2019

Star rating only.

5 Stars I have only read some of it, I'm almost finished, and I can't wait for the end I read 2 chapters per night It's sooooo good!

By Lavender Crystal Horse on: 21-12-2019

World War brilliant

5 Stars

LOVE IT. If your interested in history then I suggest this book. I've read it more than once.

By Mandy Crystal Christmas on: 21-12-2019


5 Stars

I love it

By Fabulous Bluebell Hawk on: 17-12-2019


5 Stars

It is SOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! good even my mum wanted to read it

By Rhiannon Rabbit Moonlight on: 29-11-2019

Best ever

5 Stars

I love this book sooooooo much that this is the 4th time I have read it in 2 years!!!

By Skippy Crystal Telescope on: 29-11-2019

Love it

5 Stars

It is fantastic!! Loved reading it!! I recommend this book because Shirley is an amazing girl and a brilliant influence on determined girls!

By Tilda Echo Planet on: 28-11-2019


5 Stars

This is a little sad for me but I still love it! Shirley is Fab! She is a bit like me. I love this book!

By Jessie Apple Girl on: 27-11-2019

very good book

5 Stars

I am on the 13th chapter so it is so good

By Mandy Fashion Hat on: 27-11-2019

so good

5 Stars

i mean ssssssoooooooooooo gggggggoooooooooddddd

By Pixie Bluebell Microscope on: 18-11-2019


4 Stars

definitely read this wonderful book

By Lulu Fashion Tickles on: 18-11-2019

so good

4 Stars

i loved this book it was amazing! the history and drama in it was incredible!!!!!!1

By Ditzy Glitter Whispers on: 17-11-2019

A good book

4 Stars

Loved this. I have to say its not as good as the amazing books like Tracy beaker Hetty feather but its still very good

By August Bluebell Shoes on: 10-11-2019

Wave me goodbye!!

5 Stars

This book was brilliant!!! My favourite character was Shirley and Mrs Waverley,I loved it!! I would recommend it to 9-12 year olds.

By India Cynthia Gemstone on: 03-11-2019


5 Stars

This might be my favourite book from Jaqueline Wilson. It gives you such amazing and different emotions.

By Jodie Breezy Cuddlepie on: 02-11-2019

The best book ever!!

1 Stars

I love this book so much and I love it even more because it is set in Victorian times. I would recommend this because it shows you how the evecues felt in WW2 and what went on as well.

By Poppy Dinosaur Horse on: 24-10-2019

Loved it.

5 Stars

The book was excellent, very heart warming and sad.

By Sunset Echo Lipstick on: 22-10-2019


5 Stars

I loved this book it was such an adventure!I even recomended it to my mum and she loved it to!I wish there could be another one!

By Abi Sparkling Kiwi on: 19-10-2019


4 Stars


By Molly Cherry Fairy on: 10-10-2019

The best he boom ever

5 Stars

I love it so much a family member of mine had to be evacuated its amazing and I love the book I got it from a library

By Lizzie Bluebell Dreamer on: 09-10-2019

Love it!!!

5 Stars

This book is fab! I was doing WWII at school and this book really made it special for me. I even dressed up like her on a WWII trip, love the story I'd love a sequel, thnx xxx

By Hetty Rabbit Dreamer on: 04-10-2019

War and peace

4 Stars

That was amazing!! !!!!!!!!!!!!! But I wonder what happens next will she come home or not

By Avery Balloon Moonlight on: 28-09-2019


4 Stars

I love the war.It is my all time favourite topic ,so this book is my no.1 favourite book!!!!

By Bella Circus Eagle on: 25-09-2019


5 Stars

Everything about this book is AWSOME!!!!I l LOVED IT !I got it in Orkney and i don't regret it!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Ivy Dinosaur Flower on: 21-09-2019


5 Stars

I was the first to take Wave Me Goodbye out of my library!!!but I saw it for the first time at a book shop, and I really wanted to buy it but sadly my parents would not let me buy it. But I still got to read it because I took it out of the library and I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would recommend it to anyone from ages 8-11.I really can't say how much I loved it!!!!! Please Jacky write a sequel to Wave Me Goodbye...

By Hetty Crystal Nightingale on: 20-09-2019