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My Mum Tracy Beaker
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4 Stars

I love the Tracy Beaker series, they just keep getting better and better!

By Emerald Angel Hat on: 10-05-2020

Love this book

5 Stars

This book is one of the best bookies ever

By Carl Party Bunny on: 09-05-2020


5 Stars

I really reccomend this brilliant book. It's absoloutly BRILLIANT!

By Tim Silly Socks on: 07-05-2020


5 Stars

I thought this story was really good because it has lots of dramas going on.

By Ditzy Fashion Butterfly on: 07-05-2020

a brillaint book

4 Stars

i love it so much i hope there will be more books about Jess Beaker

By Alexandra Rainbow Wobbling on: 06-05-2020


4 Stars

im honestly not a huge fan of tracy beaker but this story does look good

By Jessie Breezy Pants on: 05-05-2020

My mum Tracy Beaker

5 Stars

Now I know they say never judge a book by its cover but i have not read this book but i have read story of Tracy Beaker and that was amazing so this mite be to

By Sunset Dinosaur Pebble on: 03-05-2020

Star rating only.

5 Stars

I really love this book. I think that it's really interesting to see how Tracy is when she's an adult and she almost hasn't changed! I think that that this book is perfect for everyone who just wants a bit more Tracy!

By Jasmine Silly Bunny on: 03-05-2020


4 Stars

I just want too scream because its so good!

By Fabulous Balloon Pants on: 03-05-2020


5 Stars

I want read it and nex book but they are and some book from Jacquelin it isn't in the Iran it is sooooo pqin ful

By Sweetie Echo Marshmellow on: 03-05-2020


5 Stars


By Tracy Sparkle Dreamer on: 02-05-2020


4 Stars

I highly recommend this book because of all its fun, excitement, sorrow and breathtaking twists

By Lizzie Party Christmas on: 01-05-2020

I love Tracy and Jess!

4 Stars

This is a great book and I would recommend it to anyone out there who wants a bit more TRACY

By Emily Echo Sequin on: 01-05-2020

Star rating only.

5 Stars

I would recommend this book to everyone. It is one of my favourite Jaqueline Wilson books because it just makes you want to read more and more!

By Elsa Party Lolly on: 30-04-2020

Star rating only.

5 Stars

i love it is such a great book i recomened for all ages

By Molly Strawberry Jelly on: 30-04-2020


5 Stars

I love this book!!It is so enjoyable yo read! I'm actually reading it again!! I recommend it for you!!

By Violet Rabbit Kiwi on: 29-04-2020

I love this book so much!

4 Stars

Omg this is my favorite book ever. I begged to get it for my birthday and the storytelling is the best I've ever seen.

By Lulu Sparkling Star on: 29-04-2020

i loved this book

4 Stars

really good!!! i hope JW writes another book soon

By Molly Moonlight Lolly on: 27-04-2020


5 Stars


By Lizzie Fashion Wobbling on: 25-04-2020

Great book

1 Stars

I love this book. It's probably my favourite Tracy Beaker book.

By Sadie Strawberry Snowflake on: 23-04-2020

Jacqueline is an AMAZING author!!!

1 Stars

I read this book and I adored it! I love Jess and her characteristics. I think Jacqueline Wilson did a GREAT job writing this book. I really want the beaker girls since that is part 2 and I have read a sample of it and Jacqueline Wilson used herself in it! She is the last who was going to buy the writing table. I recommend all of her books because they are superb!

By Alice Party Star on: 23-04-2020


5 Stars

I read this book and my mind blown really! I was so good I read it in half a day and I read it 15 times in only a week! It is really the best book EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Daisy Party Planet on: 21-04-2020


5 Stars

OMG this books sounds amazing !!! I really want it and it blurb is like the book Clean Break written by Jacky alsooo! You should read Clean break!

By Princess Glitter Sunflower on: 20-04-2020


5 Stars

I was so surprised that Tracy had a child! I couldn't believe Sean Godfrey was Football. It was a great book with lots of twists and turns in the story plot. I would read this again anytime!

By Trixibelle Fashion Dazzles on: 18-04-2020

The beaker book review

4 Stars

I loved this book. I love all the Tracy Beakers but how did you come up with it?

By Tracy Crystal Swirls on: 17-04-2020

Best book ever!

5 Stars

This book is really good none of us would have thought that Tracy beaker would come back with a kid jess is like me she is sensible and loves reading

By Pippa Bluebell Hawk on: 15-04-2020

Star rating only.

5 Stars

No review supplied.

By Mabel Cynthia Starburst on: 13-04-2020

My mum tracy beaker

5 Stars

Jess is the exact opposite of Tracy, but is starting to become more confident which is what I like about her the most. And Tracy is really funny as a mum!!!

By Charlie Crystal Sun on: 13-04-2020

love it

5 Stars

i love the book

By Sophia Sparkling Zebra on: 13-04-2020

Star rating only.

5 Stars

This book is so gripping that I read it twice! I highly reccomend it.

By Flossy Apple Emerald on: 13-04-2020