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My Mum Tracy Beaker
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5 Stars

i really liked this book

By Lady Rainbow Christmas on: 10-01-2019


4 Stars

I havent read it yet, but i know it will be AmAzInG, i hope you guys think it is to!

By Lulu Tiger Lemon on: 10-01-2019


5 Stars

Amazing! Tracy beaker has been gone for a while so it was great to see her in a new way!

By Sapphire Angel Socks on: 10-01-2019

Another amazing book...

5 Stars

This is an amazing book. It really harnesses a true likeness of what a caring family can bring to one. Jacqueline Wilson has really made Jess Beaker and all of her surroundings come alive. Can I recommend you buy this fantastic book immediately. You've done it again Jacqueline. Ten out of ten!

By Lulu Cynthia Blossom on: 10-01-2019

Read it

5 Stars

I got this book for Christmas and read it in about afoul of days and it's brill it is so so so great to see Tracy Beaker back I've really misses her

By Tilda Moonlight Garden on: 08-01-2019


5 Stars

last time she was a kid now she is a mum!

By Flossy Balloon Blossom on: 07-01-2019


5 Stars

I haven't got or read it but i am desperate for it

By Lizzie Breezy Lemon on: 06-01-2019


5 Stars

This book is really good. I would recommend it for any Jacqueline Wilson fans.

By Susan Circus Butterfly on: 06-01-2019

How do you get the book

4 Stars

It looks interesting but I don't know how to get the book. Do you buy it or can you get it on the web page. BTW sounds interesting so even though I haven't read it I rate it a 5 star cus I love Tracy Beaker and The Dumping Ground

By Vita Cherry Kitten on: 05-01-2019


5 Stars

My friend has this book and got it this Christmas. And I LOVE Jacqueline Wilson. She is the best person ever so basically I NEED THIS BOOK!!!

By Sadie Silly Hair on: 05-01-2019

Star rating only.

5 Stars

I would recommend this book. It is about Jess and how her life changes after Sean Godfory enters her Mum's and her life

By Sapphire Dinah Pebble on: 05-01-2019

Can't wait to read it!

5 Stars

I got this book for Christmas and cant wait to read it! I have already rated it a five because all of Jaqueline Wilson's books deserve 5 stars!

By Tracy Crystal Wink on: 05-01-2019

Tracy Beaker

5 Stars

I love watching it on my Samsung Galaxy tab I love the way she alliterates I am going to read the books, definitely.

By Ruby Sparkling Parrot on: 04-01-2019


5 Stars

By Ditzy Crystal Blossom on: 04-01-2019


4 Stars

I think that book looks awesome I need it.

By Coral Rabbit Sun on: 03-01-2019


5 Stars

This book is AWESOME and I loved every second of it. I never imagined that Tracy Beaker would become a brilliant Mum. This was my FAVOURITE Jacqueline Wilson book. there are so many new characters but there are also quite a few that are from Tracy's childhood. It is a MUST read book.

By Alice Silly Lemon on: 03-01-2019


5 Stars

Loooove this book! Well done Jacqueline we love you.

By Ellie Harmony Parachute on: 03-01-2019

Star rating only.

4 Stars

I hope I get to read it soooon Because I have heard it is an amazing book

By Alexandra Circus Gemstone on: 02-01-2019

5 stars

5 Stars

By Sweetie Harmony Robot on: 02-01-2019

Yes YES YES!!!

5 Stars

I LOVE IT! Got it from a book fair and love it sooooo much! The only bad thing about it is that it ends.

By Opal Fashion Biscuits on: 01-01-2019

Beaker babe's are back

4 Stars

I really think this book shows you how much Tracy has changed and how she hasn't

By Tracy Strawberry Dazzles on: 01-01-2019

So good

5 Stars

It was so good and the ending was a happily ever after!

By Suzy Blackjack on: 01-01-2019


4 Stars

I have Tracy Beaker and I loved it and I watch the dumping ground with Tracy Beaker in! I love how Nick Sharratt draws Tracy Beaker!! I have it but need to finish Lily Alone and I am a huge fan of Jacqueline Wilson I have over 10 books by her and more books!! I LOVE TO READ! X

By Pippa Sparkling Diamond on: 01-01-2019


5 Stars

I loved it. I especially liked the dog.

By Ivy Sparkle Sparrow on: 01-01-2019

My mum Tracy Beaker!

1 Stars

This book needs more than five stars this book is a million I would recommend this book. I normally read books and get bored and skip the pages but this book I loved and loved every second of it and read it all it had a lot of feeling and ups and downs what made me want to read it more.Jacqueline Wilson needs to write a series of Tracy Beaker and Jess Beaker about what happens next and write Christmas one and one when Tracy Beaker is a nan herself.

By Golden Silly Dazzles on: 31-12-2018

Best Yet!!!

5 Stars

Wow,wow,wow,wow,wow!As soon as I heard about this book I nagged at my father to buy it for me.Tracy is my most favourite book character ever. Now she's back. OMG! TOO EXCITED!

By Rosaline Angel Emerald on: 31-12-2018


5 Stars

this book is just fantastic! i could read it over and over! i love it!

By Tim Fashion Jewel on: 31-12-2018

Looks Really Good

5 Stars

I really wanted this book for Christmas, unfortunately I didn't get it. I hope I get a chance to read it in 2019, I have read a little bit about the story and it looks really good.The fact that Tracy Beaker has grown up and has a child of her own is so interesting. I wonder if her daughter is anything like her when she was younger. Even though I haven't read it I still give it 5 stars1

By Molly Orange Butterfly on: 30-12-2018


4 Stars

I love the sound of this book going to whsmith to get it hopefully i adore this

By Trixibelle Crystal Wink on: 30-12-2018


5 Stars

I love love LOVE this book! I got it for Christmas and read it in 4 days, that's how addictive it is! Tracy finally got her revenge on Justine Littlewood. Yipee! Jess is so lucky to have Tracy as her mum. THE BEAKER FAMILY ROCKS! I would write more, but I do not want to spoil it for the people who haven't read it. Definitely recommend this book!

By Marigold Sparkling Blossom on: 29-12-2018