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My Mum Tracy Beaker
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Love It!

5 Stars

I'v only read the extract but I already want to read more I'ts so good! recommended to every one.

By Crimson Balloon Star on: 19-11-2019


5 Stars

I LOVED THIS BOOK!I got this book and completed it in less than 3 days! I really suggest this book to all readers out there! Tracy is one of the first books i read!

By India Moonlight Biscuits on: 16-11-2019

Halfway through!

2 Stars

I'm halfway through this book so far it's good

By Poppy Sparkling Eyes on: 16-11-2019

love love em

5 Stars

omg good book 5star

By Zippy Angel Jewel on: 16-11-2019

Star rating only.

5 Stars

No review supplied.

By Violet Dinah Whispers on: 16-11-2019

the best

5 Stars

The book was so lovely I would recommend this book to anyone.

By Pippa Apple Bunny on: 15-11-2019

I love this book!

5 Stars

This is a great Jackeline wilson book.Im sure every body will adore it.

By Golden Circus Shoes on: 14-11-2019

Jacky fan

4 Stars

It is such a great book full of friendship and warmth. I am reading it at the moment and I can't stop!!!!!!!

By Jacky Cherry Kiwi on: 14-11-2019

Loved it

5 Stars

This book was amazing and I was so excited to hear about we are the beaker girls. If you are planning to read we are the beaker girls than its better if you read this book first.

By August Bluebell Shoes on: 10-11-2019

I loooovvveee it!

5 Stars

When I read it I loved it so much. My dad told me to recommend a book for my sister so i recommended this one! She loved it too. We are now begging our parents to get us the new Tracy Beaker book We are the Beaker girls.

By Rosaline Moonlight Butterfly on: 06-11-2019


5 Stars

After reading this book full of fun, great artwork and happiness, it has become my favourite story ever!

By Avery Moonlight Lipstick on: 05-11-2019

Star rating only.

5 Stars

this book is nice i have already read it and its amazing

By Flossy Party Starburst on: 03-11-2019

Alfie is one funny dog

5 Stars

One of best jaquline Wilson books ever!!!!!! I've read it at least 50 times and still a bit surprising !!!!! Cherry silly pants

By Cherry Silly Pants on: 30-10-2019


5 Stars

this book was soooooooooo good

By Tracy Breezy Girl on: 29-10-2019


5 Stars

this book is one of my favourites! really good book! READ IT NOW!!!

By Golden Silly Blossom on: 25-10-2019

I loved this book

5 Stars

This book is just overall amaziming! I can't wait for the new one to come out.

By Tilda Rabbit Garden on: 23-10-2019

My Mum Tracy Beaker

5 Stars

The book was sooooo good. I want to read it again and again!

By Willow Sparkling Marshmellow on: 21-10-2019


5 Stars

I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it!!!! Maybe there will be a 'My DAAAD !!!!'.

By Jessie Crystal Pants on: 20-10-2019


5 Stars

Its amazing and I love the idea that Tracy is a mum and the thrilling twisty adventure with her daughtervis amazing!

By Sweetie Silly Sequin on: 19-10-2019


5 Stars

love this book

By Lulu Fashion Whispers on: 15-10-2019

My Mum Tracy Beaker

5 Stars

My Mum Tracy Beacker is soooooo good. I love how that Jess is now the main character

By Sadie Angel Lolly on: 14-10-2019


5 Stars

OMG! This book is amazing and I couldn't wait for the next one and now there is one

By Jade Glitter Smarties on: 11-10-2019

My mum tracy beaker

5 Stars

it was so good i even got told of in class for reading it during maths

By Stormy Rainbow Sparrow on: 11-10-2019


5 Stars

I read this book on holiday it was really good and i really recomend it for about 9-11!!!

By Ellie Sparkling Punk on: 06-10-2019

great book

5 Stars

this is a great book it's fun and really awesome i love it

By Carrie Bluebell Parrot on: 04-10-2019


5 Stars

This book was even better than supercalliefragulousdexballiedocous. I adored it because everybody wants to be a celeb or date a celeb but they're not perfect. They can be as mean as Sean or Footy! If you haven't read it you need to make it a priority because The Beaker Girls is nearly out so scoot down to your local library or bookshop and buy or borrow My Mum Tracy Beaker because it is one of the best JW books EVER!!!

By Carrie Glitter Perfume on: 01-10-2019

sounds cool!!!!

5 Stars

this looks soooo cool!

By Elsa Sparkling Skylark on: 29-09-2019

Really good

5 Stars

When I opened this book I was so exited to read it and the second I finished it I WAS AMAZED

By Pippa Snazzy Smarties on: 29-09-2019

Deserves an AWARD!!!

5 Stars

As a HUGE fan of JW, I picked up this book as soon as it was on the shelves last year. I was gripped from the first page! As always I was blown away with this books storyline and couldn't put it down! A great addition to the Tracy Beaker series!

By Lady Echo Torch on: 22-09-2019

Perfect Addition to the series!

5 Stars

It is a great book and a beautiful story. I would definitely recommend it.

By Stormy Moonlight Kiwi on: 19-09-2019