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My Mum Tracy Beaker
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Sooooo amazing

5 Stars

This book was sooo amazing. When I heard there was a second one I was really happy.

By Jodie Fashion Starburst on: 13-04-2020

You have to read this

5 Stars

Tracey and Jess Beaker have such a special bond. I loved this book I wish it never stopped. I would really recommend this book. I can not wait to read we are the Beaker girls.

By Becky Tiger Fairy on: 12-04-2020

Love it!

5 Stars

I love it and I would like to say a big thank you to Jacqueline for writing such an amazing book!

By Mabel Apple Daffodil on: 12-04-2020


5 Stars

As soon as i saw it in the shop i bought this just knowing this would be another amazing sucsess by JW and it was!

By Mystic Bluebell Hat on: 09-04-2020


4 Stars

Tracy is back but now she has a kid. Jess and Tracy have a very strong bond. This story is a real page turner!

By Wendy Angel Blossom on: 08-04-2020


4 Stars

I read this book and I felt like their was a movie inside my head as I was reading. It was an amazing read. My friend recommended it to me and I am so glad she did. Jacqueline Wilson did an amazing job with this book

By Mystic Harmony Nightingale on: 08-04-2020


5 Stars

havent read it yet but it sounds fab also the extract was touching

By Fabulous Balloon Socks on: 04-04-2020

beaker girls

5 Stars


By Emily Sparkle Tulips on: 03-04-2020

I Love It!!

5 Stars

Are you a massive Tracy Beaker fan? If you are this is the book for you! This book is so good!It is about Tracy Beaker as an adult with her daughter Jess. This book is just awesome!! If you are a massive Tracy Beaker and JW fan, then this is the book for you!

By Lily Balloon Starburst on: 29-03-2020

Star rating only.

2 Stars


By Alice Cherry Horse on: 29-03-2020


5 Stars

It's epic almost as good as tracy beaker herself

By Vita Tiger Robot on: 28-03-2020


5 Stars

This is my absolute favorite Jacqueline Wilson book ever!I can not wait to read We are the Beaker Girls to see what happens next.I would suggest this to anyone who is a big Jacqueline Wilson fan.

By Violet Cynthia Hat on: 27-03-2020


5 Stars

I couldn't believe that Tracy Beaker got a child.

By Bella Balloon Dreamer on: 25-03-2020

My mum Tracy Beaker

4 Stars

Hello! I loved this book so much and it's funny seeing how different the two are! But Jess loves her mum to the moon and back and FURTHER. I think that coming from Jess you realize that we've been listening to Tracy for a long time and Jess is so honest.No offence but she doesn't take after her mother!

By Riley Harmony Swirls on: 22-03-2020


5 Stars

OMG its so good Jacky has out done herself trust me its Tracy Beaker all grown up I mean WOW I love all the Tracy Beaker stories especially We are the Beaker Girls I highly recommend that too! But in this book is just a bunch of wow pow and whapow

By Queen Snazzy Feather on: 21-03-2020

Star rating only.

4 Stars

so good I like the story and I think Jess is like me.

By Tracy Party Punk on: 16-03-2020

Star rating only.

5 Stars

No review supplied.

By Ziggy Moonlight Swift on: 15-03-2020

You need to read this!

4 Stars

Loved reading this gorgeously touching novel about movther, daughter love. There is no stronger bond and Jacqueline Wilson really hit a home run with this book!! I surgest it to any Jacqueline Wilson fan.

By Dixie Tiger Spice on: 08-03-2020


4 Stars

Omg this book was so so cool

By Lady Party Smarties on: 07-03-2020

Star rating only.

5 Stars

i love this book because it is just soooo intresting from being a homless child to getting a foster family thank you jacauline for writing such an amazing story!!!!!

By Mabel Harmony Eyes on: 05-03-2020

Love it

5 Stars

I loved it.

By Rose Balloon Secret on: 04-03-2020


5 Stars

it is so cool i love jess

By Daisy Angel Sun on: 03-03-2020


4 Stars

soooo good

By Mystic Fashion Horse on: 01-03-2020

Fab fab fab fab fab

5 Stars

This book is fab does anyone know how to chat in the chat corner thanks Emily Rainbow Sandwich

By Emily Rainbow Sandwich on: 01-03-2020


5 Stars

Such a good book

By Flossy Cherry Punk on: 29-02-2020


4 Stars

U guys gotta read this. THE BEST BOOK ON THE WORLD Oh yeah

By Jacky Sparkle Prize on: 29-02-2020


5 Stars

SPOILER ALERT Sean Godfery invites someone over and Jess find something that she needs to tell her mum ASAP i loved the book

By Daisy Moonlight Wobbling on: 27-02-2020


5 Stars

It is sooo emotional and I ADORE IT

By Mabel Strawberry Feather on: 26-02-2020

best book ever

4 Stars

this book is amazing i love it every bit you have to read it

By April Bluebell Daisy on: 25-02-2020

It's really good

5 Stars

I would definitely recommend this book because it's amazing, exciting and interesting! I would definitely think you should read this!

By Sunset Snazzy Jewel on: 25-02-2020