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Dancing the Charleston
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4 stars

4 Stars

Hello everyone! I haven't read this yet but I bet it will be good. I like the idea of this. See you soon

By Riley Harmony Swirls on: 22-03-2020

Dancing the charleston SPOILER ALERt

5 Stars

Hi, This book is so great! I find it so good, and you? I don't like derisee, though. I find her quite mean. she always wants to be in the center of attention! But this book is still a REALLY GOOD BOOK. Bye for now, Carrie Orange Buttercup

By Carrie Orange Buttercup on: 21-03-2020

Star rating only.

5 Stars

Such a good book I couldn't put down. Mona is my favourite character. I loved seeing how Mona would have lived in that time period.

By Marigold Echo Summer on: 16-03-2020


5 Stars

I love this book. I like how Jacqueline has written a book that's not set a long long long time ago but is not modern!

By Amy Balloon Daisy on: 14-03-2020


5 Stars

SOOOO GOOD Recommend to everyone who loves it when old characters are on the scene SPOILER ALERT hetty is back!

By Ellie Bluebell Daydream on: 09-03-2020


5 Stars

I can't stop reading it!Even when I finished it, it was all I could think about!

By India Snazzy Monster on: 08-03-2020


5 Stars

this looks good xxx

By Amy Circus Starburst on: 07-03-2020

My Birthday Book

5 Stars

I got this amazing book for my birthday and could't stop reading it! This book is amazing and I am so glad I got it as my birthday present!

By Alexandra Breezy Feather on: 05-03-2020


4 Stars

I read this a few weeks ago and absolutely adored it!I found it sooooooo gripping and would recommend it to anyone.As the book said,it will delight fans new and old.So true

By Serenity Strawberry Star on: 29-02-2020

I loved this book

5 Stars

I loved this book cause it really put you in a good dancing mood and when I was sad brought a smile to my face

By Rose Snazzy Pebble on: 29-02-2020

Love it eeeeeeeeeeee!!

5 Stars

I am half way through this book and I already love it. I used to think it looked boring at first but I love it now!!

By Scarlet Strawberry Fruit on: 24-02-2020


2 Stars

I only just found out about this book and now I REALLY want to get it

By Vita Balloon Swan on: 23-02-2020

get it

5 Stars

i have read this book best jacqueline wilson book EVER!

By Alisha Harmony Meadowlark on: 23-02-2020


5 Stars

I love this book so much! It's amazing! I recommend it to everyone!!!!

By Micky Party Mist on: 20-02-2020


5 Stars

SPOILER ALERT This book is really great! This book kept me reading for a day and then I was done, because I just couldn't put it down. This is good for fans of Hefty Feather and Wave Me Goodbye, as it is set in the 50's. My favourite part was when she found out that her Aunt was actually her mum. A great book with the drama of Wilson's wonderful style of writing, while still maintaining that historical feel. Five Stars. I know there's a typo on Miss Feather up there

By Pixie Dinah Kiwi on: 20-02-2020

I love Jackys historical books

5 Stars

I got it for my birthday and finished it straight away

By Sophia Silly Punk on: 15-02-2020


4 Stars

love the book so much

By Lily Crystal Puzzler on: 14-02-2020


5 Stars

I loved this book.Especially when Mona finds out who her aunt really is.

By April Angel Garden on: 14-02-2020


5 Stars

Oh my god! This book is super good! I looooove it! The only problem is that once you've started reading it, you can't take your eyes off it!

By Abi Angel Parrot on: 07-02-2020


3 Stars

I love Mona. I felt the same as Mona all the way throughout the book. I was shocked with her mother at the end of the book and felt joyful when Mona went to Harrods and her auntie got a job there.

By Alisha Angel Swirls on: 04-02-2020

Brilliant Book!

5 Stars

I loved this book it is amazing. I would totally recommend it. especially good if you enjoyed Hetty Feather!!!

By Sapphire Snazzy Whispers on: 02-02-2020


5 Stars

I love this book! It is definitely one of my favourites! I would highly recommend it for anyone who hasn't read it before! 5 stars from me!!! READ THIS BOOK!!!!! D

By Crimson Strawberry Writer on: 02-02-2020

Best Jacky book ever

5 Stars

I read it in three days it was that good and I Love the plot about Mona,s mum how she is someone you do not expect .I am just in love with it and the time of 1920 but there is a bit of death but that makes it better you need to get it.also it's got Getty feather in I know but she is quite old a great book for the hetty feather collection buy it is sooooooooooo good I am not being dramatic

By Coral Crystal Sequin on: 01-02-2020

Definitely reccomend

4 Stars

this is very good. SPOILER ALERT I cant believe Aunty is Mona's mum

By Sunset Harmony Wink on: 30-01-2020

The coolest book

5 Stars

The book is wonderful. Its like the 8th Hetty Feather book. I recommend it.

By Tracy Breezy Fruit on: 24-01-2020


4 Stars

This book is absolutely AMAZING!!! It's one of my favourite books of all times!!!!I love it!

By India Cynthia Gemstone on: 23-01-2020


4 Stars

Really enjoyed reading this book. Highly recommended.

By Pixie Snazzy Chocolates on: 20-01-2020

this book is....

3 Stars

I personally don't like this book as much as much as some of the others, but if your into Victorian books, this is the book for you!

By Pixie Bluebell Jewel on: 18-01-2020


5 Stars

This book is the best!

By Opal Rainbow Skylark on: 18-01-2020


4 Stars

I can not wait to read this book!!! as you can see by my title it sounds !!!!!!!!EPIC!

By Ziggy Moonlight Marshmellow on: 11-01-2020