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Dancing the Charleston
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a real Charleston dancer

5 Stars

This book was published just in time because I was preparing a musical set in the 1920s where all the cast danced the Charleston. It was soooo fun and this book was very informative and soooo good!

By Jacky Cynthia Telescope on: 11-09-2019

Love it

4 Stars

Really good

By Poppy Breezy Feather on: 07-09-2019

Love it!!!

4 Stars

Dancing the Charleston is amazing! I just love it! I never would of thought it was so good.

By Daisy Crystal Kingfisher on: 03-09-2019


4 Stars

i loved the story and i love all the detail.

By Ditzy Glitter Whispers on: 02-09-2019

old fashioned in a good way

5 Stars

I liked this book because it had unexpected humour - my favourite kind, asnd i think this book is quite realistic.

By Wendy Moonlight Daisy on: 01-09-2019

Awesome book

4 Stars

I was given this book by a friend and am really enjoyed it!!

By Opal Orange Parachute on: 31-08-2019


4 Stars

Read it,loved it

By Sunset Rabbit Hawk on: 30-08-2019

Soooooo great !!!

5 Stars

As soon as the book came out I bought it and in just a couple of days I realised that I had discovered my favourite jacky book out off all her spectacular historic novels !!! I definitely recommend this book !!! Happy reading !!!!

By Aubrey Strawberry Sequin on: 30-08-2019


5 Stars

I got it from my town library and I enjoyed it.

By Molly Cherry Fairy on: 29-08-2019


5 Stars

I have only read the first 3 chapters of this book but I already love it.

By Alice Echo Puzzler on: 28-08-2019

Can't wait

5 Stars

My mum said she'd get this book for my birthday and I am so excited hopefully it is good!

By Justine Dinosaur Bluebell on: 27-08-2019


4 Stars

This is one of my all time favorite book.It tells you how to dance the Charleston , I even mastered it myself. It is quite easy once you get the hang of it.

By Lavender Rabbit Sun on: 27-08-2019

1000 stars I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!! D

5 Stars

This book is amazing I really love historical fiction. Love the book I really love the characters and I would recommend this book for people who like, Wave me goodbye, opal plumstead and all the hetty feathers xoxoxo molly

By Molly Echo Blossom on: 25-08-2019


5 Stars

I really want to read this novel!!!!!!

By Rose Balloon Kiwi on: 18-08-2019


5 Stars

I loved this book!I especially loved the twist at the end!I hope there's a sequel!

By Mystic Sparkle Kingfisher on: 15-08-2019

So excited to read it!!!

5 Stars

I am really excited to read this book because in about a week I am going to get the book and I bet I will have finished it within a day or two! But altogether I literally can't wait to read it!!!

By Mystic Cherry Secret on: 15-08-2019


5 Stars

This book is so good. It shows the way women were treated back then and the surprises that come your way

By Coral Tiger Star on: 10-08-2019

The best

5 Stars

This is currently one of my favourite books! Also one of Jaqueline Wilson's newest books!

By Lavender Rainbow Writer on: 09-08-2019


5 Stars

I got this for my birthday now I waiting for JW's new book We Are The Beaker Girls to come out.

By Journey Artful on: 08-08-2019


5 Stars

I got the book for my 10th birthday this year and it was amazing. I loved how Mr Benjamin was such a funny character and how Mona was quite outspoken. I loved it when Mona discovered her"aunty" was her mother. Such a heart warming story. would definitely recommend it.

By Willow Party Kitten on: 07-08-2019


2 Stars

Right ok, so I may have just been experiencing a time I didn't really want to read, but I read a few chapters on this book, and I didn't really enjoy it. I was quite bored, to the point I haven't gone back to it since. I may go back to it at a later date, but the first read left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. I just didn't enjoy it that much. Still had good description and ok characters though. I just got bored.

By Rose Cynthia Bunny on: 03-08-2019

I really liked it

5 Stars

I really like the book especially at the end when Mona finds out that the person she has always known to be her aunty is actually her mum. I really like the fact that Jacqueline Wilson mostly writes about family and friends I find it awesome. My favourite bit of the story is when Aunty says that Mona is a Somerset.

By Violet Snazzy Parrot on: 01-08-2019

Best Book Yet!!!

5 Stars

I finished this book last night and it was utterly wonderful!!! I loved Mona for all her quirky ways and like all of Jaqueline Wilsons characters, she was relate-able and very fun. I have always loved the 1920's fashion and never imagined what life must have been like back then.When Hetty appeared, my heart skipped and I almost did the charlston to celebrate! Jaqueline Wilson has written another formidable book and I highly recommend this book to everyone!

By India Crystal Girl on: 30-07-2019

Sounds Good

5 Stars

I already have 77 of Jacky's books, they are all..... too amazing for words, just by a few of the other reviews it sounds like this book is better then the last. I am look forward to reading it! D

By Dixie Sparkling Hawk on: 27-07-2019


2 Stars

SORRY to anyone who loves this book but I thought it wasn't great... SORRY

By August Sparkling Star on: 25-07-2019


5 Stars

I've just read some of the book and I love it already!

By Arthur Moonlight Garden on: 24-07-2019

One of the Best Books EVER!!!!

5 Stars

I loved reading this book!! I had been waiting for another JW book to come out and as soon as this one came out I new I wanted it! I got in for my birthday and then I was immediately glued to it. I would recommend it to anyone who want a really good read!

By Jessie Harmony Kingfisher on: 23-07-2019

I Need It So Much!

5 Stars

Aw. I haven't seen it! I kind of want a spoiler...Would anyone care to? Oh wait, no, that's no fair on the people who haven't read it...Sorry. Never mind, bye! -Wolfi

By Jacky Moonlight Tickles on: 22-07-2019


5 Stars

READ THIS BOOK RIGHT NOW This book is too good for words, it makes me cry sad and happy tears

By Micky Silly Parrot on: 22-07-2019


5 Stars


By Zippy Glitter Writer on: 21-07-2019