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Dancing the Charleston
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I cannot wait!

5 Stars

I love the sound of dancing the Charleston you should definitely pre-order today!!!!

By Verity Rainbow Moonlight on: 17-03-2019


4 Stars

This book looks fabulous. Totally reading it when it comes out.

By Jessie Angel Tulips on: 17-03-2019

I cannot wait

5 Stars

I cannot wait to read this Jaqueline Wilson books are always fantastic

By Stormy Snazzy Biscuits on: 16-03-2019

I love it!

5 Stars

I have read the sneak preview and it is amazing! It might even be my new favourite book!

By Sweetie Harmony Robot on: 16-03-2019


5 Stars

Sooooooooooooooo goooooooooooooood.

By Dolphin Party Zebra on: 15-03-2019

Star rating only.

5 Stars

great story

By Ellie Snazzy Giggle on: 15-03-2019


5 Stars

I love dancing love this book love Jacqueline Wilson and can't wait till more and more! amazing book!

By Mabel Breezy Jewel on: 14-03-2019

sounds SO good

4 Stars

I love dance and I LOVE Jacqueline's books.I will read this as soon as I can get my hands on it!

By Lulu Cynthia Daisy on: 10-03-2019


5 Stars

It looks an amazing book and I think even from reading a sneak peek sorry I can't tell you what happens but it is totally amazing.

By Alisha Moonlight Smarties on: 10-03-2019

i really want to read this book

5 Stars

i am sooooo excited this is my note to jackie plz publish this soon i am waiting

By Golden Cynthia Sky on: 10-03-2019


5 Stars

i haven't read it yet but it sounds like a brilliant book and i'm hoping to read it soon!

By Becky Dinosaur Bunny on: 09-03-2019


5 Stars

I haven't read this yet, but I want to! It sounds amazing!! Does anyone know when it was published or if it even already has been published?

By Rose Cynthia Sky on: 09-03-2019

I have a feeling this will be great!

5 Stars

I haven't read this yet but I love Jacqueline Wilson books and I love dancing - the charleston is my favourite!

By Queen Snazzy Horse on: 09-03-2019


4 Stars

Sounds really good. When is it set?

By Violet Tiger Secret on: 08-03-2019