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Dancing the Charleston
4.64 Stars

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5 Stars

this is the best book EVER

By Alisha Sparkling Chocolates on: 06-05-2019

five star

5 Stars

this book was totally FIVE star!

By Mandy Bluebell Swan on: 04-05-2019


5 Stars

I've just read it and it's racing up my list to be my favourite book !!! Three cheers to Jacky!!!

By Tilda Orange Moonlight on: 01-05-2019

Dancing The Charleston - FIVE STARS

5 Stars


By Tilda Echo Zebra on: 30-04-2019

Totally extremely AWESOME!!!!

5 Stars

This is the best JW book I've read so far, seriously Mona is the best, read it 2 times now and still love it!

By Bella Cherry Daydream on: 29-04-2019

Already on chapter 3

4 Stars

My fave book so far. Whent to see Jaqueline on Sunday the 28th

By Opal Circus Cuddlepie on: 29-04-2019

Dying to read this

3 Stars

I really want to read this!

By Scarlet Circus Bunny on: 29-04-2019

Should I read it

5 Stars

No review supplied.

By Jacky Balloon Girl on: 28-04-2019


5 Stars

the sample I have read was very nice and fantastic.

By Rose Dinah Diamond on: 28-04-2019

Star rating only.

5 Stars

I got the book on the day it was published and I am already half way through! love the book soooooooooooo much love you Jacqueline

By Marigold Strawberry Bunny on: 28-04-2019

amazing so far

5 Stars

I got the book for Easter and I already think it is so good I love a good thick chapter book especially Jacqueline's of course

By Lavender Harmony Socks on: 27-04-2019


5 Stars

OMG! I'm sooooo excited to get this I have been begging my parents to get it! So excited! Thanks Jacqueline Wilson, love ya!

By Marigold Bluebell Diamond on: 27-04-2019


5 Stars

No review supplied.

By Archie Sparkling Daydream on: 26-04-2019

One of the BEST so far...

5 Stars

I devouard this book in two days. The twist at the end is simply spuctacurla and I hope there is a sequil or that Mona is in another JW book as soon as possible... I loved the suprize guest. I was unabel to put the book down after the first page and read it cover to cover! If you haven't already got a copy you have to get one as soon as possible becasue otherwise you'll be missing out.

By Trixibelle Circus Eagle on: 24-04-2019

dancing the charleston

5 Stars

I have started reading the sampler and I am already on the edge of my seat. I can't wait when the real book comes out. love you Jacqueline.xx

By Sunset Angel Tulips on: 21-04-2019

I wish I had this book

5 Stars

I get the JW mag delivered to my house so I got a sample of the first 4 chapters. It was an amazing first few chapters.

By Lulu Sparkle Robot on: 21-04-2019


4 Stars

This is such a fascinating story. It is similar to books like Hetty feather and Rose rivers but has it's unique spin. But the book makes you wait till the end to unravel the secrets about Mona's personal life.

By Abi Glitter Lemon on: 20-04-2019


4 Stars

I have read the sampler and I love it I am going to see JW so I can get the book then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Opal Rainbow Perfume on: 20-04-2019

I Want This!!!!

4 Stars

I really want to read this book!! It looks AMAZING!!!!!!

By Jasmine Angel Christmas on: 20-04-2019


5 Stars

I read the starter .AMAZING!

By Queen Kaleidoscope Kitten on: 19-04-2019


4 Stars

This is such an intriguing story

By Lulu Moonlight Butterfly on: 18-04-2019

I want this!!

5 Stars

I can't wait to read this!!!

By Stormy Fashion Sandwich on: 18-04-2019

So Exited to read it!!!

5 Stars

I got this book today, the first day it came out! I'm very exited to read it and I'm sure it will be amazing! I'm very glad Jacky wrote another history book!

By August Sparkling Sequin on: 18-04-2019

Read first chapter

2 Stars

So far, Dancing the Charleston has blown me away! I LOVE it so far, and also love sweet, little Mona.

By Marigold Dinosaur Cupcake on: 18-04-2019


5 Stars

I reckon i'm getting it 4 my bday and I'm so excited 2 read it

By Jodie Circus Girl on: 17-04-2019

Really Would Like It!!!!!!!!!

5 Stars

Can't wait! I think it is going to be a five star book.

By Trixibelle Cherry Pebble on: 16-04-2019

First few chapters

2 Stars

The first few chapters are amazing but I haven 't got the full book

By Lavender Party Blossom on: 15-04-2019


5 Stars

I am so exited to read this! It looks amazing!

By Princess Moonlight Moonlight on: 14-04-2019

BEGGING to read it

5 Stars

Want. To. Read. SO BAD! I can't wait and Mona looks like one of the prettiest characters Jacky has created! Katy is the prettiest, of course. I just rated the book 5 because I think that is how it'll be.

By Daisy Circus Bunny on: 14-04-2019

Sounds great

4 Stars

I think it will be great!

By Amy Bluebell Torch on: 13-04-2019