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We Are The Beaker Girls
4.86 Stars

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5 Stars

this was an amazing story i have really enjoyrd the blurb cant wait to read it

By Flossy Tiger Snowflake on: 12-12-2019

I have read it!

5 Stars


By Dolphin Fashion Punk on: 12-12-2019

it looks AMAZING!!!!!

5 Stars

I haven't actually read it but it sounds amazing and I asked for it for Christmas!!!!!

By Pixie Cynthia Smarties on: 10-12-2019


5 Stars

this is so good if you don't read were you at

By Trixibelle Crystal Jelly on: 09-12-2019

I have read it!

5 Stars

I have read it it and I think it is the best from all books!

By Lulu Moonlight Daffodil on: 09-12-2019


5 Stars

would reccomened it better than my mum tracy beaker THE BEST

By Queen Cynthia Spice on: 07-12-2019


5 Stars

The sequel is amazing better than the first ,my mum tracy beaker, PSL

By Pippa Strawberry Lemon on: 30-11-2019


5 Stars

The best Jacqueline Wilson book to date. You've got to read this!

By Lavender Harmony Midnight on: 29-11-2019


5 Stars

I really want to read this book as I have read My Mum Tracy Beaker. I am going to ask for this book for Christmas now!!

By Jacky Crystal Gemstone on: 29-11-2019


5 Stars

I really want to read this book because I read My Mum Tracy Beaker and I want to read this next book because the blurb looks interesting. I don't like Sean Godfrey but I like Rosalie the housekeeper. I HATE Justin. But I love Jessica's dog, Alfie. And I love lovely Cam. I really want to read it because Peter Ingham is in it.

By Charlie Echo Sky on: 27-11-2019

Best book ever!!!

5 Stars

This book is amazing! Tracy and Jess are my fav in this book is the best! You have to read it! Go on!

By Jessie Apple Girl on: 27-11-2019


5 Stars

I am so exited to get this NEW Tracy Beaker story! It's going to be AMAZE! PrinsessMoonlightMoonlight PS I love Jesses dog Alfie.i find him very cute!!!

By Princess Moonlight Moonlight on: 24-11-2019

Lady glitter sparkles

5 Stars

I haven't read this book yet but I bet it will be great becausevall your books are!!

By Jacky Cherry Kiwi on: 24-11-2019


5 Stars

I love this book

By Willow Tiger Planet on: 23-11-2019

Loved it so much !!

5 Stars

I got it it a few weeks ago and I read it all the way home I finished it in one week loved it !!! It's so hard to put down

By Ziggy Dinosaur Robot on: 22-11-2019

So Excited!

5 Stars

My Mum Tracy Beaker is one of my Favourite Jacqueline Wilson Books, so I can't wait to read this one!

By Jade Rainbow Chocolates on: 17-11-2019


5 Stars

I am ordering this book on Amazon! Luv EVERYTHING! I RLLY WILL ENJOY IT!

By Lady Fashion Marshmellow on: 17-11-2019

can't wait!

5 Stars

I can't wait for this book to come out because My mum Tracy Beaker was sooo great!I bet it will be as great as her other books!

By Sophia Party Moonlight on: 17-11-2019


5 Stars

Hi just wanted to say how good this book is! When I first picked it up I couldn't put it down I even sacrificed my breakfast to finish it-which is pretty suprising being me

By Elsa Apple Sunflower on: 16-11-2019

Star rating only.

5 Stars

No review supplied.

By Mandy Fashion Hat on: 16-11-2019

This book was soooooooo good

5 Stars

No review supplied.

By Princess Apple Daydream on: 16-11-2019


4 Stars

I found this book very enjoyable . It is a great continuation from my mum Tracy beaker this book is available on amazon

By Jacky Rabbit Cupcake on: 13-11-2019


5 Stars

I cannot wait to read this book I 'm so excited

By Golden Sparkle Kitten on: 10-11-2019

We Are The Beaker Girls

5 Stars

I Love,Love,Love we are the beaker girls and my mum Tracy Beaker. I think that Jordan needs a home and some true friends.

By August Sparkling Horse on: 10-11-2019


4 Stars

I really can't wait to read this lovely looking book! My favourite JW book is 'My Mum Tracy Beaker', but I can't wait to read the sequel.... It might be my new fav!!!

By Molly Rainbow Robot on: 09-11-2019


5 Stars

I love Tracy Beaker books.I am so excited for this fabulous book to come out!

By Pixie Crystal Hat on: 07-11-2019


5 Stars

On the 13th of October I went to see Jacqueline Wilson and I got a free copy of We are the Beaker Girls, which was signed with my name and I was delighted! It was such a good book that I finished it the next day! I would rate it 5 stars, 10 out of 10 and also one of the best books Jacqueline has ever written! Fab book Jacky!

By Mystic Cherry Secret on: 07-11-2019

Haven't read it looks good

4 Stars

It looks good and I might read my mum Tracy beaker and I would give 4 stars because I haven't read it yet and I like the name of it

By Pippa Balloon Dreamer on: 07-11-2019

can't wait

5 Stars

I loved my mum Tracy Beaker and I think we are the Beaker girls even better

By Pixie Cynthia Planet on: 06-11-2019

So excited for Jacky's new book!

5 Stars

Hi I can't wait for this book to come out I loved the last book about Tracy and Jess 'My Mum Tracy Beaker' so I am super excited to read more of Jacky's writing and admire Nick's fantastic artwork!!

By Avery Moonlight Lipstick on: 05-11-2019